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The town is an excellent starting point for long and short trips throughout the surrounding area, to places full of historic monuments and to the mountains – the Moravian Silesian Beskyd Mountains. The whole area is criss-crossed by sign-posted hiking routes, cycle-routes and educational trails. The town is traversed by regional cycle-route no. 502 “Starý Jičín – Hukvaldy”, which connects to cycle-route no. 5 “Moravian Gate”, cycle-route no. 503 “ Odra Region” and to cycle-route no. 6016 “Wallachia” (by means of cycle-route no. 6175 “Palacký’s Trail”). Local cycle-route “Jesenická Kyselka” leads from Nový Jičín to Jeseník nad Odrou to the mineral springs. You can set out along the “Palacký’s Trail” cycle-route from Kunín through Nový Jičín to Zrzávky. This route copies the František Palacký Educational Trail from Nový Jičín. The Na Svinci Ski Complex is located only 3 km from the centre of the town and has a main ski slope, which is 480 m long, with an elevation difference of 120 m. There are machine-groomed trails available for cross-country skiers, along which they can ski all the way to below the peak of Velký Javorník and further along to the area surrounding Radhošť. An uninterrupted 10 km long stretch of the “Palacký’s Trail” cycle-route becomes an excellent cross-country ski trail in winter and also connects to more than fifty kilometres of trails in the Beskyd Mountains.

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This project was co-financed by provision of 20,000 CZK from the budget of the Moravian-Silesian Region, support of TIC in the Moravian-Silesian Region for 2013.