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Production process technology

Production process technology

In the first part of the exhibition, you will gradually become familiarised with the technological process of hat making. You will see and be able to try for yourself transformation of the material during the specific stages of pro[1]cessing. Authentic video clips from individual sections in the production plant will draw you into the remarkable production process. Here, you will gain an insight into the important milestones and events relating to the tradition of millinery in the Nový Jičín region. Apart from the historical panel, you can also gain additional information from the world of hats in the projection corner where you can play a film of your choice.
The Bob and Bobek series of cartoons awaits young children. The exhibition is also supplemented by exhibits of production machinery.

  • Obrázek č.1
  • Obrázek č.2
  • Obrázek č.3
  • Obrázek č.4
  • Obrázek č.5
  • Obrázek č.6
  • Obrázek č.7
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This project was co-financed by provision of 20,000 CZK from the budget of the Moravian-Silesian Region, support of TIC in the Moravian-Silesian Region for 2013.