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Nový Jičín - Starý Jičín

Nový Jičín - Starý Jičín

Route: Nový Jičín → Skalky → Svinec → Nový Jičín-Kojetín → Starý Jičín-Jičina → Starý Jičín → Oční studánka → Skalky → Nový Jičín

Route length: approx. 16 km

Difficulty: mild to moderate

Walking time: approx. 4 hours

Recommendation: this relatively busy, moderately demanding route can be finished or, on the contrary, you can get on in Starý Jičín and take the bus for the remaining part. The route offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, especially from the top of Svince and Stary Jičín. Along the way there are quite numerous refreshment options (Skalky, Svinec, Starý Jičín).

Points of interest along the route:

At Skalky there is a children's playground, the Hybaj sports trail and refreshments. The route also passes through the Svinec nature reserve, where you can ski in winter under favourable conditions. It then continues over the Kojetín peak, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding area, including Starý Jičín, where the route aims. The ruins of Starý Jičín castle stand at Starý Jičín, which again offers a picturesque view of the wide surroundings. From Starý Jičín, the route returns to the Oční studánka, where you can take a drink of water and then continue back to Skalky.

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