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The Svinec hill with an altitude of 547 metres is the most important landmark in the surroundings of Nový Jičín. From its top, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Moravian Gate panorama with the ruins of the Starý Jičín Castle, the Oder Mountains with the Low Jeseník Mountains in the distance, and in good weather you can also see the highest Moravian mountain Praděd. From the top you can also see the towns of Studénka, Ostrava, Hukvaldy or Štramberk. On the top of Svince there is a nature reserve of the same name, which consists of forests and meadows with protected plants including orchids. A stone cross dating from 1882 stands approximately 200 metres from the summit. The cross was erected in memory of Johann Stiebro, a churchman at the Spanish Chapel in Nová Jičín, who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1873. Near the top of Svinec is the Svinec mountain chalet with a ski area. At the foot of the hill rises the Oční studánka, a spring of strongly calcareous drinking water, next to which the Chapel of Our Lady was built.

And how did Svinec get its name?

According to legend, the rebellious and disobedient orphan Jacob used to graze sheep here. When his sister brought him lunch to graze, he shouted at her that he would not eat such miserable food, that he would rather be stoned and let the swine eat him. Then two swine came running out of the woods, rushed at the boy, beat him, and ate him. The bread which the boy had received from his sister for lunch turned to stone and the milk turned to water. A fountain of milk gushed out from the place where the pitcher lay uncovered. From then on, it is said that no one called the hill anything but Svinec.

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