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1918 - Establishment of an independent Czechoslovak Republic.

1938 - Nový Jičín was annexed as part of Germany by Adolf Hitler.

1953 - Ceremonial opening of the Museum of the Kravař Region in Žerotín Château.

1967 - Establishment of the municipal conservation area in Nový Jičín.

1993 - The first town celebrations were held in Nový Jičín.


Karel Kryl

Born: 12.4.1944 (Kroměříž)

Death: 3/3/1994 (Munich)

- He spent his childhood and youth in Nový Jičín.

- Czech-Slovak singer, poet and composer, in exile a collaborator of the radio station Free Europe.

- He became the darling of the nation, especially with his chansons, which poetically, yet emphatically expressed disillusionment and severe depression after the occupation of Czechoslovakia in August 1968.


Jaroslav Hlaďo

Born: 8.5.1913 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 21/01/1990 (Prague)

- He was the fifth and last commander of the Czechoslovak fighter wing of the RAF in Great Britain.

- One year after his death on 1 January 1991, he was promoted to major general in memoriam.

- The fifth and last commander of the Czechoslovak fighter wing. The father from Vsetín was a janitor, the mother from Fryšava in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands was a foster mother of a kindergarten. Both worked at the first Czech minority school in Nový Jičín, established by Matica in 1907.


František Váhala

Born: 29.1.1911 (Jičina)

Death: 29.12. 1974 (Prague)

- He was a Czech Egyptologist who in the years 1971-1974 headed the Czechoslovak Institute of Egyptology.

- In 1971 he was appointed head of the Czechoslovak Institute of Egyptology, which he led until his death.


Leo Kammel

Born: 15.3.1885 (Kamenický Šenov)

Death: 7/25/1948 (Vienna)

- Well-known Viennese builder.

- After graduating from the Secondary School of Ceramics, he studied drawing and painting at the Prague School of Applied Arts in 1902-1905.

- He designed the Kino Květen building.


Alfred Neubauer

Born: March 29, 1891 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 22.8.1980 (Štíhrad)

- He gained world fame in the field of car racing, where thanks to completely new methods of managing racing stables, he led the Mercedes Benz brand to many world championships (silver arrows) as a team manager.


Vlasta Redl

Born: 14.4.1959 (Nový Jičín)

- Lyricist, composer and multi-instrumentalist (plays guitar, keyboards, piano, mandolin and other machines).

- In his work he was able to combine rock, folk, and folk music. He participated in almost 60 albums.

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