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1817 - Manufacture of carriages, buggies called “Nojtičanky”, commenced in Nový Jičín.

1850 - Nový Jičín – the seat of the district Hauptman’s office, the revenue office, the district and regional authority.

1867 - Jan Hückel built the biggest hat manufactory in the Austrian monarchy.

1874 - establishment of the state tobacco factory.

1879 - Josef Rotter began making carriage lights, establishment of a factory making them.

1880 - The town is connected to the rest of the world by the railway.


Anton Kolig

Born: 1.7.1886 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 17.5.1950 (Notsch im Gailtal)

- He was an Austrian painter.

- Several of his works are owned by the Museum of the Novojičín Region.


Julius Newald

Born: 11.4.1824 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 17.8.1897 (Vienna)

- He was an Austrian lawyer, elected mayor of Vienna in 1878.

- His older brother Johann was a well-known forestry professor and numismatist.


Dominik Bilimek

Born: 25.2.1813 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 3.8.1884 (Vienna)

- He was a prominent naturalist.

- In 1865, he accepted an offer from the Mexican Emperor Maximilian to establish the National Museum in Mexico.

- He worked as a custodian of the museum in Miramar and his collections became the basis of the museum in Nový Jičín.


Božena Benešová

Born: 30.11.1873 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 8.4.1936 (Prague)

- Prose writer, poet, author of social-psychological prose and literary critic.

- Famous trilogy from the period of the First World War (Strike, Underground Flames, Tragic Rainbow)

- She spent most of her youth in Uherské Hradiště.


Hugo Baar

Born: 3.3.1873 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 18.6. 1912 (Munich)

- As an excellent organizer of federal life, he was able to associate Czech and German art, especially in Moravia.

- His winter motifs depicting the freezing poetry of the landscape, especially the Beskydy mountains, are very well known.


Eduard Orel

Born: 5.8.1841 (Nový Jičín)

Deaths: 5.2. 1892 (Miramare)

- An important traveler, a participant in the Austro-Hungarian expedition, which in 1874 discovered the Land of Emperor Franz Josef.

- He spent the rest of his life as the administrator of the Imperial Castle in Miramar.


Franz Barwig

Born: 19.4.1868 (Šenov u Nového Jičína)

Death: 15.5.1931 (Vienna)

- A representative of the local "art hatchery", for which our city was often published.

- He devoted more than painting to sculpture.

- His works can be found not only throughout Europe, but also overseas.


Julius Berger

Born: 1850 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 17.11.1902 (Vienna)

- The most famous member of the Berger family of painters.

- He became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna after the famous H. Makart.


Eduard Veith

Born: March 30, 1858 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 18.3.1925 (Vienna)

- An excellent representative of the generation of realistic painters of the late 19th century.

- Well-known decorative paintings of the interiors of important cultural stalls in a large part of Europe (Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Bucharest and others).


Karel von Schwarz

Born: 23.6.1817 (Nový Jičín-Žilina)

Death: 21.10.1898 (Gnigl)

- He became one of the most important builders of railway lines in Austria-Hungary.

- Thanks to him, the city was connected to the main railway line.


Peter Ritter von Rittinger

Born: 23.1.1811 (Nový Jičín)

Death: 7.12.1872 (Vienna)

- He was a great innovator and in 1855 he put into operation his invention-heat pump.

- Thanks to environmental friendliness, this method of heating has spread all over the world.


Otto Thienemann

Born: 11.8.1827

Death: November 1905 (Vienna)

- Court architect of Nový Jičín.

- He won second prize in the competition for the construction of Vienna City Hall.

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